Cyberpoly is an open-world, third person shooter, and RPG set in the Dark City — a dangerous city dominated by money, crimes, and illegal trades. You play as a mercenary who takes missions, works in secondary jobs, builds prestige, and unlock upgrades.
The game tells a story in a futuristic city full of characters to talk to, quests to complete, and interactable items. Story is told throughout missions that will target enemies to kill, locations to be explore, and characters to be talk to.
In the city our player will find stores and vending machines to buy weapons, ammo, upgrades, and customize your character. Vehicles can help the player to run from the police, enemies, or commute to the quest locations. Arcade minigames can be found in the game. Random events will challenge the player to complete in the given time.
BigFrog Studios

About us

Indie game studio that creates unique and adorable games
We started as a one man show in 2020.
After launch two games we decide to expand and we are two happy developers working together with three games launched!